Microbiome Spectrum Set

Cofret Microbiome Spectrum


Microbiome Spectrum Set

Cofret Microbiome Spectrum

Mikrobiome Spectrum

Set includes:


47.1 Microbiome Renewal Shot

Capacity: 5 x 2 ml

The concentrated power of active ingredients enclosed within an ampoule. Obtained from a lysate of probiotic bacteria, the advanced biotechnological component ProBio Repair supports the natural microbiota of the skin. Thanks to this, and also through its immuno-stimulating effect, the skin’s defensive function against external factors (including UV radiation) is strengthened. ProBio Repair also stimulates repair mechanisms. The formula is further ameliorated  thanks to sea algae extracts rich in minerals, amino acids and peptides. This complex provides the skin with the necessary ingredients  and thus, revitalizes, moisturizes and improves its oxygenation. Thanks to these excellent properties, algae also help support the biodiversity and homeostasis of the skin microbiota. The addition of collagen in the formula makes the skin moisturized and elastic. Specially selected active ingredients enclosed within concentrated ampoules help  strengthen the protective functions of the skin and support its regeneration.


Directions for use: Apply the product 47.1 Microbiome Renewal Shot on the clean skin. You can apply the product manually (massage), or using devices supporting the transport of active substances (needle-free mesotherapy, ultrasounds, etc.).



47.2 Microbiome Whipped Mask

Capacity: 5 x 1 pcs

The mask, when mixed with water, takes the form of a light, fluffy mousse, which makes the application extremely pleasant. The product has been designed for the care of dry and irritated skin. The formula is based on the natural prebiotic Bioecolia, which stimulates the development of beneficial microorganisms present on the skin surface and, by   stimulating the production of antimicrobial peptides, prevents the expansion of pathogenic peptides. The prebiotic, by supporting the microbiota, contributes positively to the skin’s natural defence mechanism and thus helps to maintain the skin in good condition. The presence of aloe extract soothes any pre-existing irritation. Aloe extract, thanks to the richness of its active ingredients (including vitamins and minerals), moisturizes and revitalizes. Further, Black BeeOme – an ingredient obtained from fermented honey from black bees, and found within this product, has been proven to help strengthen the skin microbiota. More specifically, It augments the skin’s resistance and additionally regulates sebum secretion.  The incorporation  of white clay cleanses and enhances the soothing effect of the product, without  causing dryness. It is worth noting that over 99% of the mask ingredients are of natural origin!


Directions for use: Mix the powder with 30 ml of water at 20ᵒC in a bowl or in a shaker. Mix vigorously for a few seconds. Apply it to the face, neck and décolleté, avoiding eye area. After 10 – 15 minutes rinse it off.


47.3 Microbiome Protection Cream

Capacity: 5 x 2 ml

Moisturizing and soothing cream that covers the skin with a protective layer at the end of the treatment. A special prebiotic complex, that stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria, is responsible for restoring and maintaining the skin balance of the microbiota. The oils contained in the formula, i.e. argan oil, jojoba oil, and olive oil, are rich in EFAs, vitamins and antioxidants. They are responsible for sealing the hydrolipidic layer, while inhibiting excessive water loss, which increases the level of skin hydration. Calendula extract, in turn, enhances the soothing effect. Thanks to the combined power of a prebiotic, oils and calendula, Microbiome Protection Cream strengthens the barrier functions, prevents irritation and dehydration of the skin. The cream protects the skin against negative external factors, reduces flaking and cracking of dry skin. Perfect for the care of ultra-sensitive skin, including atopy-prone skin.


Directions for use: Apply a portion of cream to the face, neck and décolleté . Massage in circular motions until the product is absorbed.

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