DNA Protection Expert Purlés

Damaged DNA code is one of the disastrous effects caused by oxidants, which actively contribute to aging of the skin.

With the combined power of nature and modern biotechnological progress, these processes can be significantly inhibited. To effectively fight against the visible consequences of oxidative stress, Purlés has designed a new product line: DNA Protection Expert. Oxidative stress is a loss of balance between production and neutralization of free radicals. The complex formula of active ingredients, including Anti-Pollution Oil Complex, Triple VitC System and Antioxidant Complex, neutralizes oxidants that are harmful to the cellular DNA code, providing effective anti-aging action. Natural components of the products facilitate keeping the skin functions in balance, and in combination with advanced molecules (Lipochroman®, DNA-Protective Active, Anti-Pollution Active), they minimize the effects caused by negative external factors, such as pollution or ultraviolet radiation.