SeniSkin Garden Ceremony Purlés

SensiSkin Garden Ceremony resembles a garden full of herbs and plants, carefully selected to meet the needs of a sensitive skin.

Not only dry and thin skin is sensitive, also oily or mixed, young or mature skin can be sensitive. What connects all those skin types is the fact that they are easily irritated by the changes of temperature, stress, alcohol, some cosmetic ingredients, or care treatment. The irritation is followed by incessant, long-lasting, and recurring burning, sense of tension, exfoliation, redness or itching. That is why the sensitive skin requires care adjusted to its special needs. Purlés brand has prepared in its treatment offer a wide variety of products for professional face ceremonies, which have multi-direction care effects and are recommended on all skin types, taking into account the needs of a sensitive skin. The soothing and calming active ingredients of the line among other things include: allantoin, aloe extract and azulene – an active ingredient of chamomile, which demonstrates strong anti-inflammatory and bacteriostatic properties. The recipe is additionally supplemented by Chondrus crispus extract (north Atlantic red algae), which has stimulating and moisturizing properties, is rich in proteins, and vitamins C and B. The base of SensiSkin Garden product line consists of gentle, soothing extracts, which effectively care for the sensitive skin. A mature skin is stimulated and smoothed by the cherry extract. A couperose skin is reinforced by the blueberry or blackcurrant extract, tannins and vitamins. An oily complexion is normalized by a blend of aromatic herbs: basil, dill and parsley.