Total Cleansing Purlés

Make up removal is one of the most important steps of everyday skin care.

Appropriate cleansing of the skin ensures its proper functioning, and has a positive influence on the pH level, bacterial flora, and absorption of active ingredients. Makeup removal helps to clear away impurities, which inhibit the skin from breathing. Inappropriate cleansing may excessively dry out the skin (products containing alcohol, aggressive cleaning gels, affect the proper functioning of the skin (a classic soap), or cause formation of comedones and pimples by clogging the pores. Inappropriate cleansing results in the skin losing its freshness, brightness, becoming grey and appearing constantly tired. Purles brand, being fully aware of the problem, has designed Total Cleansing line. It is comprised of gentle products effectively removing impurities from the skin. They are perfect for removing make up and waterproof mascara. The active ingredients, including Alpine Plants Complex, nourish the skin, protecting if from dehydration, brighten the complexion, and help scavenge free radicals. The formula of Total Cleansing product line is supplemented by fruit acid complex (glycolic, lactic, malic, citric and tartaric), which restores the proper pH level, softens the skin and leaves a long-lasting fresh feeling.