Microbiome Spectrum

Microbiome Spectrum Purlés

Not all bacteria are our enemies. In fact, most bacteria exist symbiotically with humans and are beneficial as, they offer us much needed nutrients whilst impeding high concentrations of pathogenic bacteria. That is why in order to have a properly functioning protective skin barrier a it is imperative to have a diversified and actively working microbiome. Any deficiencies in this field may cause an increased tendency for irritation, dryness and the exacerbation of atopic dermatitis or acne. A disturbed skin microbiome mostoften results from either poor care/incorrect use of invasive treatments/dermatological therapies. Microbiome Spectrum products are enriched with probiotics and prebiotics. They help restore balance to the skin microbiome. They are perfect for the care of sensitive, overactive skin, prone to severe dryness or atopy.

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