MelanoControl System

MelanoControl System is the result of many years of research focused on developing perfect formulations that not only reduce the visibility of discolorations but also influence the integral anti-aging processes of the skin. Advanced product formulations have been created by experts in the fields of dermatology and cosmetology to meet the requirements of sallow, or discoloured skin with various etiologies. The use of innovative active ingredients, such as arbutin, AHA and BHA acids, licorice and mulberry extract, and hexylresorcinol, allow for a multidirectional action. The main advantage of the line is the effective reduction of all types of discolorations, regardless of their origin. It eliminates existing pigmentation spots and inhibit the formation of new ones. MelanoControl System includes products that complement each other, forming a comprehensive care system – starting from a concentrated vial, through an intensive exfoliating mask, to an advanced cream with SPF 50+ filter.

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